My first Vlog!


Here’s the first one and I’m actually uploading two more today. I recorded too much content for just one and I’m learning as I go. The hardest part is uploading and then really leaving them up online, because I keep wanting to delete them from the internet and erase all evidence of their existence from my hard drive. lol! But it was too much work to do that, so I’m posting them!

Thanks for your questions! I split them between #1 and #2, #3 has books I’ve read this week. Ideally Vlogs should be less that 5 mins. If you give this a watch, thank you. If you want to send more questions my way, fantastic! I’m doing a silly give-away in #3, so watch out for that. And there is a cat clip in each of them, a little reward for tolerating me. I am so ANNOYING! The editing was EXCRUCIATING! Which means, I’ll probably make another Vlog.

In this Vlog episode: Bad haiku, questions and Epic Reach Cat says, “hello!”

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