Vlog #5, outlining and Pickle play!


Good lord I’m tired of looking at myself. I’ve begun to enter my own nightmares, I do a lot of tossing at night. I’m beginning to see why I grate my inner critic’s nerves so badly.

There’s a cute cat at the end.

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1 Question for Son#2, the video.


This past Tuesday, Son#2 made yet another quest for world domination. I talked to him about the aftermath. See and hear for yourself first hand the reason I get a little jittery when marching bands pass by too close or the engine on that bike is just a little loud. (Either that, or you’ll think I’m just another annoying parent that thinks their sweetie pookims is just the cutest thing! It’s your call.)

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Vlog #4, give-away winner and things to come!


The winner of the baby shower, baby catapult gun from Archie McPhee is Lisa Yee!!!

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Third and LAST Vlog for today!


In this Vlog: Books I have read, GIVE-AWAY and Cat Drumming!!!

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My second Vlog.


This is a second in my first series of three. Learning my way around this thing, I had recorded too much information and it all split into three Vlogs, so I went with it.

In this Vlog: Questions about snacking, the Secret Drawer and Berry the Creamsicle Cat!

Thank you. (If you are as tired of me as I am, please accept my apologies-I feel your pain. My inner critic has not shut up and I’m quite miserable. I just might kill her yet.)

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My first Vlog!


Here’s the first one and I’m actually uploading two more today. I recorded too much content for just one and I’m learning as I go. The hardest part is uploading and then really leaving them up online, because I keep wanting to delete them from the internet and erase all evidence of their existence from my hard drive. lol! But it was too much work to do that, so I’m posting them!

Thanks for your questions! I split them between #1 and #2, #3 has books I’ve read this week. Ideally Vlogs should be less that 5 mins. If you give this a watch, thank you. If you want to send more questions my way, fantastic! I’m doing a silly give-away in #3, so watch out for that. And there is a cat clip in each of them, a little reward for tolerating me. I am so ANNOYING! The editing was EXCRUCIATING! Which means, I’ll probably make another Vlog.

In this Vlog episode: Bad haiku, questions and Epic Reach Cat says, “hello!”

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