Escorted down our 400ft driveway.


It happens often. We have a 400ft drive, fenced on both sides. When we drive up or down it, some critter will get in front of our car….and…..stay…..there. Sigh.

The drive is full of all sorts of fauna. Turn into my drive and head towards my house and the swirling flurry of birds that accompany you is reminiscent of a classic Disney movie. When the rabbits, ground squirrels, lizards, snakes or quails step out into your path, the expectation is for them to rear back and open their feral little mouths in song. Well, they do step out but the only singing you’ll hear will be your own voice imploring them to move out of the way so they don’t become a driveway statistic.

Husband#1 shot this video the other day as four adult Gambel Quail and a whole covey of peepers decided to escort him down the drive.

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