The desert manatee.


Husband#1 came home with another head of lettuce, wanting to be prepared for whatever festivities happen to transpire this evening. woot. That makes five and half heads of lettuce in the fridge.

Husband#1: Oops, I didn’t know.

I’m just happy that the lettuce was not ten for ten, as ten for ten is extremely difficult for the man to pass up. I understand his frustration over this, even if the execution is impractical at times.

As Son#2 and Husband#1 discussed setting a head of lettuce out in the yard for me to veto, an argument ensued concerning the elusive and not oft seen desert manatee.

Son#2: I can see the muzzle rising up out of the dirt and then chomping down on the lettuce, dragging it under the dirt.
Husband#1: It would use it’s flippers too.

Me: Checking the kitchen cabinet for left-over vodka.

Son#2: There’s really not enough vegetation to support a manatee here, I think they would be omnivorous.
Husband#1: No they wouldn’t be, there’s plenty of vegetation.

Son#2: They can’t chomp thorny cactus, I think if we watch we could see a ground squirrel running across the yard and a pair of flippers popping up from the ground and pulling it under.

I am thinking to myself, ‘wow, I can imagine how calloused those beasties would be having to travel through gravel and all’ however-I do NOT vocalize this, it would only perpetuate this conversation.

Speaking of beasties, I have quite a few that share my yard with me. I’ve begun setting my flip camera out on the porch. Here’s the first video in my Mutual Of Angela’s Wild Kingdom series. Maybe, just maybe I’ll catch that rascally desert manatee!

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