I think the cat wants a robot and a little hiatus for me.


Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s a little Christmas joy from me to you….and the cat. This is Cat#5, also known as Mr. Naughty. (He’s got other nicknames too, but most of them wouldn’t survive the bad-word filter.)

I hope everyone has been enjoying my Skype Video Interviews? I’ve been having a wonderful time making them. But I discovered, thanks to the fabulously patient Jennifer J. Stewart that the recording program I was using, Pamela, has been the cause of most of my technical glitches. Poor video and audio quality, sometimes losing the audio altogether, it seems that was mostly Pamela’s fault. Nice that the program has a human name so it feels like I can call her out to task over it. Of course there is an update that I need to apply and see if that takes care of things, but right now I’ve lost faith in Pamela and so I’m not confident in the fix. I need to test a few more options too, but we ran through a bunch of programs when I was starting this and it feels like we’ll be starting over again. So, I’m taking a little hiatus from the interviews. When I’m back at it, I’m hoping to be able to produce higher quality recordings.

Taking a hiatus from the vlogs too. I really enjoy doing them, but I’ve not gotten much response. Although, the few responses I did get were very flattering and encouraging and were from people who aren’t related to me or who owe me money. I see myself doing more of them in the future though and hoping I can make them more interactive. With more give-aways, of course, because I love giving things away.

Needless to say, I’m excited about the possibilities that a new year will bring.

All my best to all of you,

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